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Rules Of Competition

Participants are expected to obey the rules of competition at all time.

Age Restrictions

Marathon: Must Be 18 on race day to register.
Half Marathon: Must Be 16 on race day to register.
10K: Must Be 12 on race day to register.
5K: 6 & Over

The following applies to NYCRUNS races only (identifiable by having NYCRUNS in the title). For all other races, please check the client website or registration pages for available information.

Refunds, Transfers and Deferrals

Once you have entered a race, your entry fees are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and non-refundable, under any and all circumstances, including, but not limited to, cancellation of the event or of your participation, or change in the date, nature, or format of the event. An event may be cancelled or changed due to severe weather or other factors that threaten the safety of participants, staff, or volunteers. Cancellation or change of the date, nature, or format of an event may be mandated by governmental officials or otherwise be at the discretion of New York City Runs, Inc. (“NYCRUNS”).

For NYCRUNS owned and operated races, we offer a membership program, which entitles you to 2 any-reason deferrals per year. Please see our membership page for details. This does not apply to client races.


At any given time, NYCRUNS may offer the same race at different prices on different sites, run a special that effects the price of a race on one site  but not another, or offer a special rate to a certain group. Should you find a price within 24 hours of registering for a race – email us and we will issue you a race credit for the difference. Please note that race credit expires one year after being issued. This offer does not include the added fees a site like may charge.

All NYCRUNS races are capped.  Price and entry is subject to availability.

NYCRUNS reserves the right to change the price of any race in its sole discretion with or without notice.


After results of a given race have been finalized, awards will be personalized with the names of their winners and winners will be notified via email. If the address provided during registration and shipping address are the same, an award winner needs not do anything further.

If an award winner wishes their award be shipped elsewhere, they must follow the instructions contained in the notification email to submit a change of address form. Unfortunately, NYCRUNS cannot ship awards internationally. If an award winner from outside the US wishes to have an award shipped to an address within the US, they similarly must submit the change of address form. Any award winner submitting a change of address must do so within 2 weeks of the award notification email.

All attempts will be made to ship awards in a timely manner but please note NYCRUNS cannot guarantee a date of receipt nor can an award that is lost, stolen, or damaged during shipment be replaced.