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What Amenities Can I Expect on Race Day?

Bag Check:

All NYCRUNS races will have a bag check at the festival area. NYCRUNS reserves the right to screen and search all bags. For all races, we utilize a clear bag policy. For bags that aren’t transparent, we will provide a clear bag for you and ask that you empty the contents into the clear bag.

We are not responsible for unclaimed bags, though they may be brought to our office. You can fill out our contact form to inquire about any lost and found items.


Water and/or Gatorade will be available through the course and finish line. The amount of hydration stations will vary depending on the course and distance.


Post-race food will be provided at the finish line area. Our usual spread consists of bagels, spreads, and fresh fruit – though for a few of our food-themed races (e.g. NYCRUNS Go Nuts for Donuts Half Marathon & 5K) a special treat will replace our usual spread.


Toilets will be provided and cleaned throughout the event.

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