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How Do I Withdraw My Race?

We understand that unexpected things happen and you may need to opt out of a race you previously registered for. The first step to withdrawing your race is to sign up for an NYCRUNS membership, which will entitle you to two any-reason withdrawals or unlimited medical withdrawals. Any-reason withdrawals must be processed ten days before the race. Medical withdrawals must be processed the Thursday before the race.

Once you’ve signed up for an NYCRUNS membership (or if you’re already a member), you can follow these steps to withdraw your race:

  1. Sign in to your NYCRUNS account and view your NYCRUNS dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to NYCRUNS Membership and click on “Details & History.”
  3. Find the race from which you’d like to withdraw. Click “Withdraw” underneath the corresponding race.
  4. This will automatically use up one of your two any-reason withdrawals. If this is a medical withdrawal, follow the steps above. Then, take a moment to fill out our contact form and someone from The Team will follow up with you to receive your doctor’s note for your injury or illness. Upon review, we’ll add the withdrawal back to your account.

Race credit for the full amount of your registration will be automatically added to your NYCRUNS account. Race credit is usable towards any NYCRUNS-owned race (usually indicated by NYCRUNS in the title). Please note that race credit is only usable for 50% or $40 (whichever is greater) of any given race’s cost and expires six months after the date of issue in most instances.


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