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How Do I Access My Training Plan, and How Does it Work?

If you have registered for a race that offers a training plan (Central Park Half Marathon, NYCRUNS Brooklyn Half Marathon, The New Jersey Half Marathon at Newport, Big Apple Half Marathon) and you have purchased that plan as an add-on to your registration, it will be accessible through your NYCRUNS Dashboard.  

The Half Marathon training plans that we offer are 12 weeks in length and therefore kick off 12 weeks prior to race day. You will receive an email from The Team several days before the program launch with instructions on how to access your plan and set up its parameters so that you are ready to go on the first day of training.

This plan is fully automated and will require you to input data at the start of the program, and for each day of your training plan going forward. This way, the program will update and adapt based upon your progress, ensuring you get the most out of your training plan.

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