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NYCRUNS Membership  

New York City
New York City
New York City, NY

At NYCRUNS, membership really does have it's privileges! Become a paid member of NYCRUNS today and you'll receive some great perks you can't get anywhere else as well as discounts to all NYCRUNS owned races! Membership costs just $50. a year!

New For 2017 - Free Races! Every so often things don't go exactly as we plan and we have races that don't sell out. This year, members will be invited to race for free at least twice when that happens. These opportunities will not be offered until a few days before the race and registration must be online. (Sorry, if you have already registered, we can't give you a refund - this is not something we can do one size fits all.)

New For 2017 - Cancellation Insurance! Every so often, due to circumstances beyond our control (usually weather), we have to cancel a race. Now, if you're registered for that race, your account gets credited for the full amount you paid. If a race is turned into a fun run or changes drastically in some way, you will get 50% of the amount you paid credited. *You must be a member for at least 14 days to take advantage of this perk.*

2 Any Reason Deferrals! Gotta work? Gotta party to go to? We have your back. You can defer two NYCRUNS race entries for any reason as long as you do so by the Sunday night before the race (or two Sundays if the race is on a weekday). You will receive race credit equivalent to the race registration fee you paid for the race you are deferring, minus the bib mailing fee if you purchased bib mailing.

Medical Deferrals! You need a doctor's note and we need to receive it no later than the Friday before the race. You will receive race credit equivalent to the race registration fee you paid for the race you are deferring.

10% off all NYCRUNS races! (cannot be applied retroactively)

The NYCRUNS Buyback! Run 9 NYCRUNS races this year, get the 10th one free (as long  as the base price is under $40.).

Just to be clear -  our races will always have NYCRUNS in the title or be subtitled "An NYCRUNS Race". Races subtitled "Produced By NYCRUNS" may or may not be included in this program.

Membership benefits are for individual use only. Please do not use your account or any discounts offered to sign anyone else up, these benefits are non-transferable.

Please email us with any questions.