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About The Club

So, who are we and are we for you? Well, if you are interested in the Club for the following reasons you may NOT want to join our Club:

  • To loot or rob villages of goods or valuables after its capture;
  • To chase after slender, narrow winged hawks at circuses (sorry Rick);
  • To chase after small hounds which are, in turn, chasing after rabbits of some sort;
  • To sit around and disturb or annoy others with constant attacks and harassment;
  • To gather to provide moral support for the recently unemployed (hint: as slang, the English refer to being terminated from employment as being sacked.); or
  • To sit around and drink dry, strong Spanish wines.

However, if you are interested in us for any of the following reasons, you MAY very well want to join up:

  • To lead or chase after slender and not so slender runners for various distances;
  • To train for a marathon with the advice and company of others;
  • To get back into an exercise regime to improve your health and/or maintain your weight;
  • To disturb or annoy others with constant attacks and harassment during a run or jog, followed perhaps by sitting around and disturbing or annoying others with constant attacks and harassment;
  • To go to a monthly race (perhaps a cross-country race) with a group and compete as a team;
  • To go for a run or jog and then, if you choose, sit around afterward and enjoy a drink, including but not limited to dry, strong Spanish wines;
  • To help support local charities through volunteering at certain annual social and athletic events; or
  • To get to know and occasionally socialize with some active local people.