Central Park Is Sold Out! Why Don't You Register For Brooklyn Before That Sells Out Too?
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At The Brolic Runners Club, we believe in the inspiring combination of fitness and community. We are not just a running club; we are a unique tribe of gym goers united by a common love of "being brolic" by relentlessly pursing our personal bests when lifting weights, while also conquering different routes on our long runs.

Through anticipated group runs, specialized strength training programs, and a vibrant social network, we aim to build long lasting connections among our members. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and encouraging environment where every runner, of all experience levels, finds the confidence and challenge they need to reach new heights in their fitness journey.

At The Brolic Runners Club, we celebrate the fusion of strength and endurance, acknowledging that the discipline of running complements and boosts the gains achieved in the gym. Our goal is to continue to fuel this mission to make a large impact in our community by decreasing chronic illnesses, as well as improving each participant's quality of life and mental well-being. Together we run stronger, faster, and further, while solidifying a strong bond among our members who share the thrill of the run.