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About The Club

Athena New York is a diverse and dynamic group of women runners who come together to promote excellence in running. We’ve been a dominant force in the local women’s running scene for over 20 years.

Our team is small and tight-knit allowing for meaningful one-on-one interaction with our coach, April Henning (see “Coaching” to learn more about her). April carries on the torch held by Gordon Bakoulis, a 2:33 marathoner and the 2010 NYRR Runner of the Decade.

As a team we’ve accomplished a lot over the years. In a typical year, at least one team member is nominated for “NYRR Runner of the Year” in her age group.  And, at least one age-group team — Open, Masters, and Vets — graces the podium during “Club Night,” which hands out awards to the top teams of the year (based on NYRR points race scoring).

We are a group of fast runners, yet we embrace a range of abilities and commitment levels. We work hard to accomplish our goals, know our capabilities but always strive to improve, respect the work-family-running balance and, most importantly, support each other as a team and as individuals. Athenas also support the local running community through volunteering for races and other events.

Athenas are teachers, executives, professors, nurses, scientists, homemakers, entrepreneurs, writers, office managers, students, musicians, triathletes, massage therapists. We are married and single. We have kids and pets. We compete as a family because we are a family.

Contact us if you are interested in teaming up with us. Click on “Coaching” if you are interested in joining us for a workout.