Why Did NYCRUNS Add Prize Money?

I fully expected there to be some people who did not like us adding prize money. Maybe you’re one of them or maybe you’re one of the ones who are stoked. Maybe you are one of these people (if you have … Continue reading

When The Weather Strikes!

Sooner or later, every professional race director is going to have an event affected by weather. It’s not a question of if — it’s a question of when. It could be your next race; how are you going to handle … Continue reading

Top Of The World Mom!

One of the things I regret is that I don’t always find the time to record how I feel about this unbelievable journey that has been NYCRUNS. Point in case, it’s nearly two weeks since we produced our first Empire … Continue reading

Keeping It Liquid

We have small business problems at NYCRUNS and space is one of the biggest. Our office is too small, our vehicles are jammed to the gills, and our storage units fill up so fast that I’m pretty sure the cones … Continue reading