Oh, The Irony!

While all of you were running the greatest road race in the world (congratulations by the way), I was running a much smaller half marathon down in Boca Raton, Florida. I’ve actually run many races in Florida, but I had … Continue reading

Taking It To The Streets

We have a plan to get the Brooklyn Marathon on the streets. More on that in a moment. Believe it or not, getting the City of New York to shut down 26.2 miles of Brooklyn for half a day is … Continue reading

The Return Of The NYCRUNS Blog?

I want to catch up. Let’s get to know each other again, ok? Last year, I killed this blog because I didn’t think people were reading it and because a lot of the content was a waste of time imho. … Continue reading

A Real Good Day

I’m a big believer in a real good day when it comes to running – they are very rare in my experience, or maybe because my training has never been top notch, they are rare for me. Either way, when … Continue reading