Thoughts On NYCRUNS Turning 7 Today

I’m writing you from a remote seaside town in Japan named Beppu on the 6th of September. However, if the internet can figure out the 13-hour time difference better than I’ve been able to, you should receive this email on the 7th, and that’s a day that’s really important to me – it’s the day that NYCRUNS.COM went live. Some of you have been there since the beginning, but most of you haven’t, and I wanted to take a few moments and tell you a little bit about what we are and what we want to be.

When I launched the site, I had no idea what I was starting, no clue about anything that we do today. The idea was to start something that supported the local running community in a number of different ways. That’s something that’s really easy to do when you’re just running a web site in your spare time. It’s a lot harder when you’re running a company and working on 75+ races a year! We do it pretty well though and I’m proud of our relationships with clubs like Prospect Park Track Club and great local cause related races like the Bedford Stuyvesant Corporation 10K. I place a high value on that sort of thing.

And I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve become. I think we put on the best “small” races anywhere. Most of our races are 500-1500 people (relatively small by New York City standards, pretty big everywhere else) and our goal for any race is to deliver the highest quality event possible: timing, course, food, shirt, awards, medical, customer service – you name it. I don’t want any of you to ever walk away from one of our races with a complaint. It’s an impossible dream, but The Team At NYCRUNS has been orchestrating running races pretty well for a while now – and we keep setting the bar higher!

I think we should do more though, and we’re working on it. I don’t want NYCRUNS to be just the best race management company. I want NYCRUNS to be an important part of your running life and a part of the fabric of New York City. I had some great ideas seven years ago, and some of them are still relevant, but many are not. Now, I want to figure out what we’re missing and what you need. I think that’s one of the most important parts of my job at NYCRUNS, and it’s important to me that you know that. If you have any suggestions, please shoot me an email at

Thanks for seven great years and thanks for letting me write to you today. I’m looking forward to a lot more miles together.