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NYCRUNS Virtual Race Series: The Top 5



A lot of good ideas have come our way over the years, but not all of them have been feasible for one reason or other. However, some of them are great choices for virtual races. Here are the top 5.

Brooklyn Bridge Runs

We have three big bridges in New York and given a chance we would love to do races on all of them (good luck getting that permitted Steve). Let's see how fast you can do an out and back. You can start at either end, but our directions are based on starting in Brooklyn, because us.

Brooklyn Bridge: Start at the beginning of the walkway, just off Tillary Street, turnaround just past the last bench before Centre Street. That's about 2.9 miles round trip.

Manhattan Bridge: Start at the top of the stairs and turnaround at the first entrance you can exit the path from Manhattan side. This looks to be about 2.45 miles round trip.

Williamsburg Bridge: Run the entire length from Berry Street and pass under the arch (what is that called?)  before turning around. We're calling that 2.4 miles round trip.

Loop Runs

Prospect Park Loop: Start and finish at the same point, any point, along the main loop. That should be about 3.33 miles.

Central Park Loop: Start and finish at the same point, any point, along the main loop. Enjoy the Harlem Hills and the lower loop for a total of 6.1 miles.


Virtual races have been around for a few years at least and come in all shapes and sizes. Largely though, they are designed so that you can do the race you want when you want. Once you have completed it (or if you want to try 10 times, that's fine too), send us the results and we'll publish them like any other NYCRUNS race. Just remember, these are meant to be a way to have fun and the most important thing is that you Win Your Race!

Once you register you'll receive further instructions on how to send us results. If you have any questions, just email [email protected]


Just a bib and published results for this one by default, but if you complete all five - we'll have something extra for you. We'll get your bibs to you as soon as possible, but don't expect to receive one until 4/3 at the earliest.

When you register, you'll receive instructions on how to submit your results to us. We'll even attach a selfie from the finish line if you like!

Results must be submitted by 10/10/20.

Note: Due to shipping costs, we cannot ship outside of the United States.


In addition to the precautions recommended by the NYC DOH, please follow these practices for running safely during the ongoing crisis.


The cost of one race is $25.00, each additional race is $10.00. NYCRUNS members receive a 15% discount, race deferral rights, and other perks.


The standard no-refunds, no-deferrals, no-transfers policy applies, unless you are signed up for the NYCRUNS Membership Program.

As per the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017, any adult interacting with amateur athletes, defined as a child or minor under the age of 18 that participates in youth running programs or any events hosted or operated by NYCRUNS, has a duty to report a reasonable suspicion of sexual misconduct such as child sex abuse, non-consensual sexual conduct, sexual harassment or intimate relationships involving an imbalance of power within a 24- hour period to local law enforcement by calling the New York State Central Register at 800-635-1522. Participants found to be listed on a sex offender registry, convicted of a sex crime, or caught having, creating, or distributing child pornography will be immediately barred from all NYCRUNS events.

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