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NYCRUNS Training 360  

Ongoing In Prospect Park // Start This Week!


NYCRUNS is proud to introduce a new state of the art training program, designed to get you ready for not only your next race, but to help you become the best athlete and runner you can possibly be. Training 360  combines multiple in person and digital components to guide and support you toward your goals.

In designing Training 360, we took a hard look at other running programs available throughout the New York Metropolitan Area as well as modern training programs in a variety of other sports. Our goal was to invent something vibrant and modern that focuses on developing athletes into the best runners they can be for their next race and for the years of running to come.


Training 360 starts with a telephone or Zoom conference call with Head Coach, John Honerkamp (more on him below.) On this call, we'll get a better idea of where you are with your running and where you want to be, as well as a snapshot of your current level of fitness, any cross training you may do, and other factors that influence your training such as nutrition and sleep. We use this introduction to create a personalized monthly training program. Ongoing remote support will be available via email or app.

The in person training component includes 90 minute workouts twice weekly, Tuesday is for Speedwork and Thursday is for Tempo runs. These longer sessions allow enough time for warm-up, stretching, and Q & A.

Sessions are intentionally small (20-25 athletes at most) so that coaches have time to work with all athletes. Currently we are only offering morning sessions in Prospect Park, beginning at 6:30AM. If you are interested in joining a Central Park session, either morning or evening, please email us at to get on the waiting list.

Sessions in Prospect Park meet at the Bartel Prichard entrance. Registered runners may attend any session, but no more than one session of speedwork and tempo each weekly.

All in person sessions include an informal bag check and in most instances, we will provide hydration as well.

Training 360 members will also receive a team singlet and access to an NYCRUNS Training 360 Team Tent on Race Day (NYCRUNS races only) for pre-race and post-race meetup.


 John Honerkamp has coached runners of all ages and abilities for over 20 years. His numerous roles have included Assistant Coach at St. John's University, co-founder of the November Project-NYC, running ambassadorships for  Lululemon and New Balance, and Senior Manager Of Runner Products & Services at New York Road Runners. More recently, John founded The Run Collective and created the first-ever Runner Safety Awareness Week in an effort to raise awareness and teach runners how to be safer while out running.


Training 360 costs $150 per month. You will be billed automatically on the 23rd of the month. You may cancel at anytime using your NYCRUNS dashboard.


The standard no-refunds, no-deferrals, no-transfers policy applies.  You must be 18 or older to participate in this program. Strollers, dogs, and headphones are not allowed. Please familiarize yourself with our complete policies.

As per the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017, any adult interacting with amateur athletes, defined as a child or minor under the age of 18 that participates in youth running programs or any events hosted or operated by NYCRUNS, has a duty to report a reasonable suspicion of sexual misconduct such as child sex abuse, non-consensual sexual conduct, sexual harassment or intimate relationships involving an imbalance of power within a 24- hour period to local law enforcement by calling the New York State Central Register at 800-635-1522. Participants found to be listed on a sex offender registry, convicted of a sex crime, or caught having, creating, or distributing child pornography will be immediately barred from all NYCRUNS events.

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