A New Program To Benefit Our NonProfit Partners

A few weeks ago I mentioned how difficult it could be for a company to live up to it’s original goals as it continues to grow an evolve. However, as much of a pain in the butt as that is – it’s also a source of opportunity.

Endurance events and non-profits are integrated in many and myriad ways. At NYCRUNS, our non-profit partners have all sorts of different relationships with us and for different reasons. No matter what though – our goal is to deliver value to those partners, in a way that works for them and us. It’s tricky, but it’s also fun. It’s not as simple as just giving money either. That might make it a whole lot easier. Providing exposure is also a very important piece of the puzzle.

With that in mind, we’re going to start integrating some of our existing non-profit partners into races we put on that don’t have them.  On their behalf, we;ll be reserving a certain number of entries for races that sell out. These entries will be the last to go on sale and as you probably have already figured out, will sell at a higher price. That price will be passed on to some of our partners in the form of tax deductible donations made on behalf of the registrants getting those spots.

We’ll be beta testing this program in November & December with the Falling Leaves Half Marathon & 10K, Brooklyn Marathon, & Frozen Bonsai Half Marathon. We’re working out who the charity partners are for each race will be and specifics will be included on the race pages once everything is finalized. 

I’m pretty excited about this program and I hope everyone out there understands how important it is that as a community we give back whenever we can. It’s an important part of how we justify things like street closures for our races, but more importantly it allows us to create a better future together.