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Yesterday we received a most-unexpected email from a representative of Travlete, an athletic organization that promotes endurance events with a focus not on time, but the sheer triumph of completion. The rep informed us that one of our events was a finalist for the Reader’s Choice Awards for “best marathon.”


I didn’t know what to make of the news at first. I thought, “What is Travlete, and just who, exactly, is our competition?”


So I clicked on the link, and to my surprise I saw NYCRUNS-Brooklyn Marathon on a short list of some pretty elite races: Chicago, Boston, Philly, and the Lost Dutchman. (Okay, I admit, I’d never heard of that last one before, but there are thousands of marathons out there. I’m sure it’s a worthy competitor.)


The Reader’s Choice Awards began last year, and the top prize went to our friend and “neighbor,” the ING New York City Marathon. This year, that race was out of contention for obvious reasons (it was canceled). But in 2012, there we are, taking its place and representing New York and the incredible running community that exists here.


Needless to say, we’re thrilled just to be listed in such great company. After all, those other marathons have thousands (if not tens of thousands) of runners, and have been around much longer than our little race in Prospect Park. But this just means that winning would be that much more awesome — for us, for New York, for all the little marathons out there. We know how much heart goes into them, and we want to represent.


What do we need from you? Go to’s Reader’s Choice Awards and vote for NYCRUNS-Brooklyn Marathon. If we win, we’ll all have something to celebrate.