NYCRUNS InterClub Challenge

The 2015 NYCRUNS Interclub Challenge

This year, the NYCRUNS InterClub Challenge gets reinvented and becomes a part of our popular Try AudioBooks Riverside Park Series. These 8 back to basics 5Ks happen more or less every other Wednesday from May – August on the rolling hills of Riverside Park.

While club membership is not required, our goal for these races is not only to put on a great inter club competition but to provide local runners with a great new opportunity to hook up with local clubs in a low key atmosphere.

If your club would like to host a race Рjust let us know. Host clubs will provide about a dozen volunteers, speak about their club at the start of the race, and if they want to fund raise for a cause Р that too. Email for more details.

Current Standings- Click To Embiggen

Points & Scoring

1. There are two separate divisions – male and female. Each division is a separate competition.

1. Any club can score a maximum of 10 points per division per event.

2. 1st Overall in your gender is worth 6 points. 2nd overall is worth 5 points. 3rd overall is worth 4 points.

3. 1st in your age group is worth 3 points, 2nd in your age group is worth 2 points, 3rd is 1 point.

4. A given runner can only earn points once per race and the highest point total will be assigned for that runner. No double dipping!

5. In the event of a series tie, NYCRUNS will come up with something to settle it that both clubs will agree upon. NYCRUNS is allowed to craft a solution that no one likes.

6. Clubs may be dropped from scoring if they fail to score a single point in more than one race. (If your club does not appear in the results, they failed to meet this criteria)

7. Runners must register online and list their clubs to be counted as club runners or notify before the race. You may not change or declare club affiliation post race.

8. Your club must be listed in the NYCRUNS Club Directory. Your club must have a website, logo, and contact person to be listed. Contact You must request your club be added before the first race your club will receive points for.

9. All other disputes will be settled as fairly as possible.


A Trophy! The accolades and envy of your peers! Sponsor swag if we have any!