NYCRUNS InterClub Challenge

The 2014 NYCRUNS InterClub Challenge Is Underway!

Last year’s NYCRUNS InterClub Challenge literally came down to the finish and could
have gone either way. In the end CPTC bested NBR by 7 points to repeat as champions and the New York Harriers outkicked the New York Flyers and Prospect Park Track Club for 3rd place. Who will get it done in 2014?

Challenge 101

The NYCRUNS InterClub Challenge consists primarily of races put on by New York-area running clubs. We believe that a healthy club scene leads to a healthy racing scene overall, and the NYCRUNS InterClub Challenge is geared towards helping area clubs grow through mutual support and friendly rivalry.

 2014 Challenge Races (not finalized)

2/16 – Prospect Park Track Club’s Cherry Tree 10 Miler (Prospect Park)

4/25 – The NYCRUNS Mile At The NBR McCarren Park Track Classic (McCarren Park)

5/31  – The McCarren 5K (Brooklyn)

8/27  – The New York Harriers 5K (Riverside Park)

9/20 – FRNY’s Cross-Country Meet (Van Cortlandt Park)

12/9 – NYCRUNS New York City Ekiden & Frozen Bonsai Half Marathon (Central Park)

Points & Scoring

1. Any club can score a maximum of 15 points per event. The Yonkers Half Marathon has historically been a double points event and will be if included in 2014. The Ekiden/Bonsai allows a total of 30 points per club, 15 in each event.

2. 1st Overall in your gender is worth 6 points. 2nd overall is worth 5 points. 3rd overall is worth 4 points. (For The Ekiden, Gender is Division)

3. 1st in your age group is worth 3 points, 2nd in your age group is worth 2 points, 3rd is 1 point.

4. 3 non scoring runners per club can earn 1 point a piece just for participating in each race.

5. A given runner can only earn points once per race and the highest point total will be assigned for that runner. No double dipping!

6. Clubs may be dropped from scoring if they fail to score a single point in more than one race.

7. Runners must register online and list their clubs to be counted as club runners or notify before the race.

8. In the event of a series tie, NYCRUNS will come up with something to settle it that both clubs will agree upon. NYCRUNS is allowed to craft a solution that no one likes.

9. All other disputes will be settled as fairly as possible.


A Trophy! The accolades and envy of your peers! Sponsor swag if we have any!